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Editorial Guidelines

GreenLancer is dedicated to providing accurate and useful information to solar and EV charging station installers and people curious about clean energy use. We have believed in this since the GreenLancer platform was launched in 2013. Our team of experts and journalists prioritizes transparency, simplicity, and objectivity in our approach.


GreenLancer Mission

To make solar and EV charging station design, engineering, construction, and maintenance services simple for clean energy contractors


GreenLancer Vision

To accelerate the adoption of clean energy


Our Purpose

As demand for solar PV and installation companies grew in the early 2010s, the need for expertise in solar system design, engineering, and permitting became crucial. GreenLancer was founded in 2013 to address this need, offering standardized, scalable services with upfront delivery timelines and competitive pricing. As the only online marketplace for solar and EV charging station contractors, GreenLancer provides quality design and engineering solutions with speed and reliability.


Since 2013, GreenLancer has assisted over 7,500 contractors with 200,000 clean energy projects and $2.5 billion deployed in solar and EV charging stations nationwide. With a seamless user experience, our Detroit-based support, and a focus on continuous improvement, GreenLancer helps contractors streamline their processes, empowering them to grow their businesses. Committed to being a growth accelerator in renewable energy, we continually strive to provide outstanding service.


Editorial Principles

  • Clean Energy Expertise: GreenLancer excels in providing unparalleled expertise in the clean energy industry.

  • Transparency: We believe in transparency, revealing the inner workings of the clean energy industry and showcasing our processes. Accessible information empowers informed decisions and drives progress in the industry.

  • Accuracy: Our content is backed by meticulous analysis, incorporating our clean energy industry experience and trusted third-party sources such as government agencies, industry experts, and research institutions, including the Solar Energy Industries Association and National Renewable Energy Laboratory.


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